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Graham Parish

My home town is the world heritage city of Bath. However most of my photography career was in Bristol. I moved to Glastonbury in 2015. My interest in photography started with the gift of a camera. This provided the spark to study photography at Salisbury College of Art between 1979-81. My first ‘pro’ job was as a press photographer at Butlins, Barry Island in 1982 (great fun!)

Moving to Bristol in 1984 I assisted an American food photographer for four years. Our clients included prominent food retailers like Marks & Spencer. I then had my own advertising studio for many years in Bristol but gradually made the switch into into landscape photography with various commissions to photograph the English landscape. My last major landscape commission before I moved more into teaching was to photograph the Mendip Hills AONB and The Quantock Hills AONB for the period of one year.

Wanting to share my knowledge of photography I now run workshops, courses and now photography trips abroad.

“Thank you so much for that brilliant workshop this morning.  I think that I really do ‘get’ the vital functions of the camera at last.  And the info re composition will make me think much more carefully about what’s in front of the lens.  Am fired up to get out and about with my camera now!”


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