Workshop: Street Photography

£35 (earlybird)
27th April 10.00-13.00
3rd August 12.30-15.30

Workshop: Street Photography

The workshops are proving very popular so here’s another date

Under Graham’s guidance we’ll use our images to tell the story and capture the flavour of the city environment in this reportage-style workshop. Learn to capture those unexpected magical moments that are so easy to miss. Get invaluable tips and hints for seeing the images and boost your confidence while ‘shooting people’ in public

One of my favourite quotes, from American photographer Elliott Erwitt:

“All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.”

This is so relevant to street photography

You will learn how to observe what is going on around you and see potential photos and how to use your own interpretations, vision and style, to show something unique about your environment. Participants will be encouraged to produce a themed set of images

“(Graham) was able to nurture both the skilled and novice. His teaching is genuinely encouraging and the setting is friendly and collaborative. I heartily recommend these courses.”

Benedict, Beyond Boundaries (Digital Photography)

Graham in action…


The Bearpit Bristol BS1 3LY

The Bearpit