What People Are Saying

“Thank you Graham for making learning so much fun!”

Sally, Talking Heads (Portrait Photography)

“I really enjoyed the walk… It was a really good reminder of the basic points a photographer should be considering when selecting and framing a shot.”

Toby, Photography Walkshop

“Thanks for the excellent course. The presentation was enhanced by your gentle and fine personal approach. The course will undoubtedly help me to take some better photographs.”

Rohit, Back to Basics (Digital Photography)

You created a very relaxed and easy environment for us to learn in and I really have enjoyed myself so thank you very very much!


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“Thank you very much for participating in this year’s annual Clifton Club Festival. The entire week was a huge success and we have had some great feedback. THe Members who attended your Walkshop, including me were very impressed and has a fantastic time. Thank you for your support during this week.”

Simon Fuller, Chairman of the Events Committee

“Thank you so much for that brilliant workshop this morning.  I think that I really do ‘get’ the vital functions of the camera at last.  And the info re composition will make me think much more carefully about what’s in front of the lens.  Am fired up to get out and about with my camera now!”

Pat, ‘One to One’ session

“We found it very relaxing to wander around under your guidance, taking in the history of Bristol and looking for suitable subjects, hidden corners and different angles to photograph.”

John, Photography Walkshop

“(Graham) was able to nurture both the skilled and novice. His teaching is genuinely encouraging and the setting is friendly and collaborative. I heartily recommend these courses.”

Benedict, Beyond Boundaries (Digital Photography)

“(Graham) explains the mysteries of the digital SLR (and other cameras) in an easy to understand way. It is only since attending Graham’s courses that I have had the confidence to use any setting other than automatic! My photographs are sharper and far better composed. I highly recommend (ShutterBugs) courses, they are informative, good fun and very inspiring.”

Claire, Back to Basics (Digital Photography)