#TIP – Holiday Photos

Chances are the next time you go on holiday you’ll take some photos of buildings eg a cathedral or historic building. When I was on holiday in Palma, Majorca I was really impressed by La Seu Cathedral. It’s huge. However on my first visit the position of sun didn’t flatter the building. If the sun is behind the building it has the effect of making the building look flat and one dimensional – it can look a bit like a cardboard cut out. The solution – go for lunch! When I went back to La Seu the sun had moved and providing much better light on the building. Sunlight coming from the side generally gives the best modelling. The sun will pick out the form of the building by creating shadow on the architecture giving it more dimension. Our busy lives often don’t afford a second attempt at photography but on holiday it’s different – you have the luxury of being able to re-visit a favourite place and improve your shot. One of the most useful additions to my kit is a compass (you can get an app for your smartphone) – you can then predict the position of the sun at any location. You may also find that moving the position from which you take the photo will allow you to take a shot of the whole building with better composition

The shots below show a shot of Bristol Cathedral. The first shot has little apparent modelling on the front of the building making it appear flat. The second shot, from a different, improved position shows the building with better light with much more modelling

cardboard cut out 2

Bristol Cathedral in the sun
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