Mindfulness and Photography Holiday Retreat 2022 (Jan 15th-22nd)

Mindfulness and Photography Holiday Retreat

January 15th-22nd 2022

Mindfulness and Photography Holiday Retreat


Every day we are bombarded with thousands of thoughts and sights. So many in fact that we stop noticing them individually. We take loads of photos with our smartphones or cameras.
At the wonderful La Maison Anglaise Ecolodge in Morocco we will have the opportunity to stop, breathe, look and take photographs with a little more thought. Using the skills of mindfulness – staying in the moment, noticing things without questioning.
Mindful photography is not about creating award winning images or seeking validation of the photographs through social media channels, it is a judgement-free personal response to the moment and the world around you at a particular time.
Being aware and present in our lives is something we give less and less time to. There are so many demands on our time we rarely make time for ourselves to notice what is around us or even how we actually feel about something or somewhere. We may feel tired, stressed or depressed. But we won’t make judgements on those facts. We simply accept them for what they are. Acceptance means, among other things, that we stop trying to change things we can’t control. This saves us a lot of time and energy. And in the long run, it saves our sanity.


Mindfulness and Photography Holiday Retreat

Date: 15th-22nd January 2022

Duration: 7 nights


  • 7 nights accommodation at La Maison Anglaise Ecolodge in Taroudant, Morocco
  • All teaching sessions – jointly led by Graham Parish and Adrian Wyatt
  • Services of tutor and guides
  • All photography excursions
  • All travel and transfers


  • Flights and accommodation (we will advise about flights & accommodation)
  • Entrance fees
  • Price: TBC

If you are interested please email Graham: [email protected]