Amsterdam Light Festival Photography Holiday: Dec 11-14 2023 and Jan 8-11 2024

Amsterdam Light Festival

December 2023 and January 2024

Amsterdam Light Festival

Two dates:

  • December 11-14 2023
  • January 8-11 2024

“…. one of the leading light art festivals in the world, connects and enriches residents and visitors with light art against the backdrop of photogenic Amsterdam’

What is Amsterdam Festival of Light?

The illuminated artworks of both Dutch and international artists provides a splash of colour. They are installed in the canals of Amsterdam and are around the centre and the eastern part of the city. The light sculptures are illuminated between 5pm and 11pm.

We will do our own walking tour to photograph them but at some point we’ll also join a boat tour to gain a different perspective. The festival transforms the canals into a unique canvas for light art. It provides us photographers with a fabulous opportunity to be very creative with our cameras and an opportunity to experiment with different camera techniques should we want to.

I will of course be on hand all the time to advise on techniques and offer advice. I will be on hand to offer informal workshops and advice from approx 4pm – 8pm each day. You are free to explore outside these times

When? There’s a choice of two trips – December 11th-14th 2023 – (now full) and Jan – 8th-11th 2024 (places available)

Equipment: Any camera will do, just bring your phone camera if you want but you’ll get more out of trip if you bring a camera capable of changing shutter speeds. Ask me if you’re unsure. You may think a tripod is essential as we’ll be taking photos at night. Of course you can bring a lightweight tripod but I’ll teach you how to improvise without one or explore the magical effects you can obtain with slow shutter speeds. So a tripod is not essential but you’re welcome to bring one along if you want to.

How do we get there? We catch a morning flight from Bristol airport (approx 7.45am). It’s a short flight – about 1.5 hrs. Our return flight will be in the evening (approx 6.15pm). The earlier we book the cheaper it will be. However please don’t book anything until I say.

Where do we stay? We stay at a centrally located hotel. I’ll advise which one when you book

What do I do now? You will need to book the return flights and the accommodation. I will advise when and how

How much? I will charge a small fee per person (£90) for my tutoring (that’s 3 days!) – otherwise it’s just the cost of the flights (approx £90 return if we book early), accommodation (approx £370 for 3 nights) and meals. We can eat meals as a group or you can explore the city’s eateries yourselves. It’s your choice.

Watch this year’s festival here:

Any Q’s please ask:

Amsterdam Light Festival