Embrace the Rain – Friday 1 March 2019

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Fri 1 Mar 2019
13:00 – 16:00

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Workshop: Embrace the Rain

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FRIDAY 1st March 2019 – 13.00-16.00

Workshop: After the Rain

It falls on our roofs. It makes us put coats on. It creates puddles on the pavement and can wreak havoc with the landscape. Rain can be dramatic or it can be subtle, however as a photographer, it makes for unique photographic opportunities…..

Winter has been here for a while dull – grey skies and a good proportion of rain. We are all pretty much hunkered down in the warm. However I now see rainy days as a fabulous photographic opportunity for these reasons

  • not many people do it so images taken in the rain are relatively rare
  • with some guidance you can start seeing the type of images you may attempt
  • it provides an opportunity to get outside – it provides the motivation on a dull day
  • you’ll look at the urban or rural landscape with fresh eyes
  • assemble some fabulous photos which will probably attract some favourable reactions
  • there is a wide subject matter – maybe not obvious at the moment but believe me there are many

I don’t normally wish for rain but today is an exception. Although this is mainly a class based workshop I’d love it to rain so that we can go out! Remember – not all rain is the same!

During the workshop we will look at how to:

  • choose what to photograph
  • prepare yourself and your camera
  • protect your camera
  • see the image – what to look for
  • be alert to changing conditions and the opportunities it may bring
  • to react to your environment in a positive way
  • avoid spending a fortune on a waterproof camera

I look forward to meeting you all and exploring new opportunities

“(Graham) was able to nurture both the skilled and novice. His teaching is genuinely encouraging and the setting is friendly and collaborative. I heartily recommend these courses.”

Benedict, Beyond Boundaries (Digital Photography)

Graham in action…

Where to meet

Stoke Bishop Village Hall

Stoke Bishop Village Hall

42 Stoke Hill
Bristol BS9 1EX