Q: How do I stop my camera from beeping?

If you have a new camera you may find that it makes some very strange noises! Whilst these can be very useful & indicate things like whether your image is in focus or that you have actually taken the photo they can also be very intrusive at times or just plain annoying. You may not want your camera to draw attention. You may be in quiet space & need to respect the privacy of others, a church for example or you may want to take that ‘candid’ photo of someone & not want to be noticed. Turn the sound off! In most cameras somewhere in the menus there will be an option to turn the sound off. Look for the menus with the spanner or pencil icons, ‘set-up’, ‘sounds’ – you get the sort of thing. On an HTC smartphone there is an option to turn the sound off  in the ‘ Camera Interface’ menu, on an iPhone 5 you have to put the phone on silent. Anyway there are some examples – I hope they help you