Shutter Bugs 2018

(Level 1)

9th March 2018

Photography (Level 1)

the exciting world of digital photography

This is fun and informative workshop it introduces you to the exciting world of digital photography. Get away from shooting in ‘auto’ mode, explore your camera’s potential and look to take your skills to the next level. Having a camera is only a small part of taking good pictures. By the end of our photography workshop you will learnt enough to really improve your pictures. Learn all about apertures, shutter speeds, depth of field, ISO, white balance, shooting modes, jpeg and raw formats, composition & much more. Graham has a very relaxed style which encourages a great learning environment

This is a 1 day course (10am – 4pm)

Please bring a camera with both aperture priority (‘A’ setting) and shutter proirity (‘S’ or ‘T’ setting). If you’re not sure please email me

[email protected]

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Stoke Bishop Village Hall

Stoke Bishop Village Hall
42 Stoke Hill
BS9 1EX Bristol
United Kingdom