Walk: Glastonbury Town

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26 May 2019

Walk: Glastonbury Town

Glastonbury has a unique flavour and character

Join Julie, our guide and myself for a leisurely walk with your camera around Glastonbury. As we walk around we will stop at points of interest to take photos. Photographer and tutor Graham will offer tips on techniques and composition in order to improve your images. I will provide the photography tips and our guide Julie will tell you all about the local myths and legends

The Town:

Glastonbury has a unique flavour and character. Made famous by the nearby Glastonbury Festival at Piton it attracts visitors and pilgrims from all over the world. The town is thought to have been a site for pre-Christian worship, perhaps because of its location by the Tor, the highest of the hills surrounding Glastonbury and a superb natural viewpoint. Evidence from timber trackways such as the Sweet Track show that the town has been inhabited since Neolithic times. Joseph of Arithamea is said to have arrived in Glastonbury and stuck his staff into the ground, when it flowered miraculously into the Glastonbury Thorn. We’ll have a look around and visit points of interest like the building which housed the old market stalls, the spot where people were betrothed in the 15th Century, one of the finest surviving medieval inns in the country, the Glastonbury mural and the Glastonbury Thorn, from which a branch decorates the Queen’s Christmas breakfast table each year.

Glastonbury Abbey: (entrance not included)

Glastonbury Abbey lies in the heart of Glastonbury Town and was once one of the greatest abbeys in the country. The ruins are on a grand scale and the grounds surrounding them provide a peaceful retreat from the hectic outside world. This is also the possible burial place of the legendary King Arthur. It is believed that the first church was erected on this site by the Saxons in the 7th century. Many further additions were added from the 10th to the 15th centuries until the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century when virtually all monasteries, friaries and nunneries were destroyed in what was termed the Dissolution of the Monasteries

It also has held legendary status as the earliest Christian foundation in Britain linked to Joseph of Arimathea and the burial place of King Arthur

More about Glastonbury’s history here

The Walk:

We’ll meet at the Market Cross where we will be joined by our guide Julie who will tell about the Glastonbury’s history and it’s many myths and legends, stopping at intervals to take some photos and receive tips, tuition and encouragement from our ShutterBugs tutor Graham

After the workshop you will have time to further explore the town of Glastonbury. Visit the Abbey, the Tor, the Chalice Well (or the White Spring next door) or the nearby Rural Life Museum

Camera: any

Difficulty: Easy

Clothing: appropriate for the day

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“We found it very relaxing to wander around under your guidance, taking in the history of Bristol and looking for suitable subjects, hidden corners and different angles to photograph.”

John, Photography Walkshop

Graham in action…


Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury, UK

Glastonbury Abbey,
Glastonbury, UK